Maintained under the direction of Patrick Jagoda (Assistant Professor of English at the University of Chicago, affiliated with the department of Cinema and Media Studies), and assistance of Jose Antonio Arellano (PhD student in English at the University of Chicago), this site collects the blog entries and final essay abstracts of students enrolled in the American Television course at the University of Chicago. The course serves as an introduction to the field of Television Studies in an American context. Of particular interest will be the era between the commercialization of television in the United States (in the early 1950s) and the rise of web television via services such as Hulu (in the 2000s). The focus this quarter is on complex contemporary serial televisual dramas.

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    College sports have also been a feature of American television. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) restricted television broadcasts of college football, as well as college basketball, from the early 19 until 1984. In the latter year, the Supreme Court struck down the NCAA’s collective television contract as a violation of antitrust law, deregulating the sale of college sports telecasts and allowing individual teams and athletic conferences to negotiate their own deals with broadcast and cable networks.

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