Additional Resources

11 Oct

So, 5 minutes is not really a long time to try and explain broadcast technology. I think knowing might help a little bit or at least be interesting to some of us so I am including the websites I used to research my presentation on the topic.  There is a lot here, but it is broken up nicely if you know what you are looking for.

My focus was on the pre-1990s section of the technology so I don’t have anything on cable or internet tv. What is interesting about what I did find is the amount of variation that I did find from 1930-1960. This seemed to be the phase where television sets were still in flux and the industry was trying to decided what direction it would ultimately go in. There was also some very fascinating stuff on the history of Japanese television that is mostly absent from the view that gives, but it seemed outside the scope of the class. The big takeaway from that would be how technology was not universal and standardized, but that each country was working through the process individually. There is also a remarkable resemblance of televisions worldwide to radios, for what it is worth.

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