4 Dec

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I am writing my final paper, and my BA project, on the subject of adaptation, so I am finding the discussion of Lizzie Bennet Diaries particularly interesting. In my opinion, it is a cute and enjoyable adaptation, but that might stem from the fact that I am viewing as an adaptation that intersects with the original work rather than one that it trying to maintain fidelity to the original work. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is retelling the story of Pride and Prejudice, but in a different way than the BBC miniseries does. We are getting the story from a different angle and time period. The character of Lydia has been played with immensely and the two youngest Bennet sisters have been re-appropriated. Just as these are characteristics of an adaptation so is the fact that we do not really see most of the action play out. Instead, it is told practically confession style with the occasional scene playing out in front of the camera. Pride and Prejudice was not an epistle novel, but this might be how it was told if it were. 

There is also the fact that it is an adaptation of a work that will be celebrating its 200th birthday in January (I am praying that they do something adorable with this). Most people, even if they have not read the novel, have some vague idea about the plot. In the course of watching this for class, I was inspired to share it with my best friend (as I do with all shows that I enjoy). She marathoned it and the conversation we had afterward was pretty interesting. I have read the novel, for class and for pleasure, and have seen at least 3 adaptations outside of this one. She on the other hand, has done none of those things. She still knew enough to mention the fact that Kitty and Mary were not Bennet sisters in this adaptation, but rather a Bennet cat and a Bennet cousin. She did caution me not to spoil the nuances of the romance between Lizzy and Darcy, as many Youtube posters beg. This a 199 year old novel that no one wants spoiled. People know that Lizzy and Darcy end up together (as my friend commented), but no one seems to know exactly how and they are enjoying how it plays out in “real time” through these postings so much that it has reached “spoilable” status.

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